Lessons are held at my home studio in Southlake.


Beginning in the fall of 2007, we are asking students to pay by the semester. The first semester starts in the xth week of September and ends in the xth week of December. The second semester starts in the xth week of January and ends in the xth week of May.

Rates are $xx per semester for 30 minute lessons, and $xx per semester for 45 minute lessons. Payment is accepted in cash or by check.

Missed and Canceled Lessons:

Refunds are not provided for missed lessons. Lessons missed due to illness can be made up according to the need of the student and the time available. Lessons missed for other reasons may or may not be made up depending on available time. If a lesson must be canceled, please call me as soon as possible to arrange another time for the lesson.

Lessons that I must miss will be made up, or the cost will be refunded.

Recital Information:

I hold recitals twice a year. All students are strongly encouraged to participate.

Group Lesson Information

Group lessons are held Monday evenings, excluding holidays / breaks. They are held at …, and go from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m.

Holiday Breaks:

Labor Day (Monday only)
Thanksgiving (Thursday through Saturday)
Christmas (Two days)
Memorial Day (Monday only)
Summer Break: August 12th - August 30th