Studio Regulations

Please treat my home better than you would your own. Consider the amount of traffic that my home tolerates. Keep in mind that the studio is within a private residence and be considerate of our privacy. I ask that you read these requests carefully and be continually mindful. Thank you!

  1. Please remove shoes on the porch or in the front hallway.
  2. Cases are to be put into the dining room.  This will make the transition between students much easier.
  3. No child should be without a parent anywhere in my house, during lessons. My house is not childproof. Accompany young children to the bathroom. My laundry room is near the bathroom and there are harmful substances in there. No children should be upstairs at any time.
  4. Food is not allowed in my house during lesson times. If there is a special circumstance, please discuss this with me in advance.
  5. You may bring water bottles to lessons, but please do not put them on the piano.
  6. Siblings are welcome in the studio only if they are well behaved and can play quietly without distracting you from your child’s lesson. Parents are responsible for putting away any toys their children take out. Please do this during your lesson time, not during the next student’s. I reserve the right to shorten your child’s lesson and help out with clean up if you forget.
  7. Teach your child to be appreciative of our goals and endeavors.  Help them to understand the value and privilege of musical training. Respect yourself, your teacher, and your child as a model for them. Remind them to greet their teacher and to say thank-you at the end of each lesson. Teach them to say thank-you when they receive something from me, such as a practice plan.
  8. Parents must attend all the lessons with their child. It is better to have one parent consistently assume the responsibility of attendance, note taking, and practice. You are the home teacher and will want to duplicate the teacher’s lesson as closely as possible!
  9. Parents should quietly observe and take notes during the student’s lesson. Children are easily confused when receiving comments from both parent and teacher.
  10. You will need to practice creatively, calmly, and respectfully with your child EACH DAY. This is not easy. At first, you will only need a few minutes. A couple times a day will produce better results than once daily. Consistency is the key to success. Establishing a regular practice time is extremely important. Please do not answer the phone, and try to minimize all other interruptions during this precious time.
  11. Be sure to play the recording at least once a day!
  12. Sing and do movement to music with your child…it is fun!